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EPISODE TWENTY NINE: “Nothing to do with safety or security”

Sylvia and Betty attend a Yorkshire CND ‘Breaking the Links’ demonstration outside Menwith Hill.  The women soon discover that they are denied the opportunity to walk freely around the perimeter of the base and finding themselves ‘caged in’ and under close surveillance by the police, tensions rise.  This small group of elderly campaigners is soon outnumbered by the police; a disproportional response which is estimated, by those on the ground, to be 3:1.  Police intimidation during peaceful protest highlights the concern that if people are deterred from protesting, using simply their voice and a placard, will they find new ways to be heard which could in fact warrant such over zealous policing?

Further Information

Read CND’s evidence to the inquiry on human rights issues arising from policing and protest here.

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EPISODE TWENTY EIGHT: “A little landmark”

Helen returns to the British Courts to try to overturn her conviction as a Serious Organised Criminal.  This time, however, there is a key person missing as Sylvia steps aside for fear that another trial would take it’s toll both on her as an individual and her friendship with Helen.  Now a solo activist against the state, Helen begins her new trial optimistic that the Judge shares her concern about the interception of communications.  But with press interest dwindling and the women easily baffled by court proceedings, is it too little too late?

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With the trial over, Helen and Sylvia re-focus their energies on campaigning and decide to surprise RAF Fylingdales by arriving under the cover of darkness to display banners outside the base.  It seems, for now, that their humour, wit and cheeky banter has returned as they battle against the unforgiving conditions of the Yorkshire moors to try, once more, to promote their messages of peace.


To find out more about Fylingdales please visit the official RAF site

To find out more about Yorkshire CND and their campaigns against Fylingdales please click here

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