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EPISODE TWENTY SIX: “Dedicated, thoughtful and whatever”

The women begin their first day as convicted serious organised criminals by protesting outside another US Base, this time Fylingdales.  The ironic contrast between verdict and sentence raises questions among fellow campaigners as to the outcome for future arrests under this legislation.  By making trespass onto military bases an ‘act of terrorism’ yet punishing those found guilty with, what is effectively, a slap on the wrist, the message to the peace movement isn’t entirely clear.   Indeed with a growing number of campaigners deliberately seeking to challenge the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, in conjunction with the costs of lengthy court cases, one wonders what the new legislation has achieved; besides uniting protesters young and old to make a stand against their Government.


Find out more about Tansy and Lavinia’s act of protest and the outcome of their own terrorism trial. 

To find out more about Fylingdales please visit the official RAF site

To find out more about Yorkshire CND and their campaigns against Fylingdales please click here

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